How do I get a Wahlburgers in my area?

Wahlburgers is growing very quickly and we are looking at so many great places like yours. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for new location announcements or join our Email Club for the inside scoop on all things Wahlburgers by signing up at!

Does Wahlburgers take reservations?

Wahlburgers is a first come, first serve restaurant. If there happens to be a wait when you arrive, we have a system that will put you on our wait list. We take your name and phone number, and will text you when your table is ready. We look forward to serving you and your family!

I heard about "Virtual Visitor" on your A&E TV reality show. What is it?

“Virtual Visitor” is an automated, live engagement experience that enables the Wahlberg family (and any member of our #WahlFamily) to remotely video into our restaurants equipped with the technology to have face-to-face conversations with our guests.

To find out about any pre-scheduled call-ins, join our Email Club by signing up at and follow us @Wahlburgers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Is Wahlburgers a peanut allergy friendly restaurant?

Wahlburgers is a peanut allergy friendly restaurant. We cook with Canola oil.

The only thing we make that contains peanut products is our Fluffanutta sandwich which is cooked in a separate area to be sure of no cross contamination. Our locations also sell cupcakes that may have peanuts (flavors vary weekly) however they are kept separate from other foods as well. Always tell your server of any allergy concerns so that they may make sure that your visit is a positive one.

Does Wahlburgers offer gluten free options?

Yes, Wahlburgers offers Gluten free bread options and sides. Before placing your order please inform your server if any person in your party has a food allergy. This way they can modify your selection to meet your needs.

I’m dying to try your retail line of products. How do I get my hands on the Wahlburgers At Home beef?

We are quickly getting our Wahlburgers At Home beef offering into new grocery stores across the country! To find the grocery store closest to you, check out our store finder.

We also have a support team at that will address questions related to our Wahlburgers At Home beef offering.

How do I get invited to a VIP party or event?

Join our email club by signing up at for news on upcoming events and entry to applicable sweepstakes.

We are interested in a franchise. Can you let me know the franchisee process?

A franchise request can be submitted online.

We value each and every interest that is received and dedicate our time and effort to assess each one. Please keep in mind that we have limited territory availability and, therefore, we will contact you if the territory is available and the qualifications are met.

Who would I contact regarding Wahlburgers online merchandise orders

The latest Wahlburgers merchandise are available at

Please contact us at for any order inquiries.